• 5000 square ft luxury home.
  • $375 rent discount available
  • Only two month minimum stay and than month to month.
  • All untilities included even cable and high speed internet.
  • 5 minutes from Atlantic/I-95 in Delray Beach.
  • Come and go as please - No kids or family here.
  • Treadmill, eliptical, pool table, and weights.
  • Near public transportation.
  • This is a drug free and party free environment.
  • 15 minutes from Boca and 20 minutes from WPB.
I am the owner (single male) and have a masters in computer science and own a computer consulting business and I live here. I stay to myself, work a lot, and you will not see me much. I have a personality that is really laid back and pleasant and nothing seems to bother me. This will feel like your home the day you move in because it will be. I created this application and posted more information on the following pages to save you and I time in this process. If you are interested, complete the application and lets move forward because this room usually rents fast. Thank you and kind regards..:-).
Gender Male Female
When would you like to move in?
Where are you moving from?
Why are you moving?

For how long would you like to rent?
What is your occupation?
What city is your work/school located?
What is the name of your employer?
Do you have a dog or cat? Yes No
If you have a pet, please describe:
List any pets you are allergic to:
What level of education do you have?
Do you have a car, truck, or motorcycle? Yes No
Does the vehicle you drive have lettering or signs on it? Yes No
Do you have kids you wish to live here? Yes No
Please indicate any behaviors or practices that could offend your religious or moral beliefs that other tenants need to be aware of like drinking, dressing certain ways, inappropriate language, specific conduct, etc?

I have friends from different ethnic and racial backgrounds; Asian, Black, Latin, Indian, etc. My ancestors are from Sweden, England, and Ireland. What country did your ancestors come from?

Who (names are not necessary) will you want to visit you at this house?